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imfuckingdead said: heya, picked up a copy of overshare 2 at the zine fest yesterday! yer art is rad! :-)

Hey! Thank you!! Is that your work on your page?

This guy keeps coming back
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This guy keeps coming back

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Jul 12, 2014

atasteofweirdness said: Do you remember when you first started having the thought I want to be an artist?2Were you encouraged in your creativity growing up? 3If you could invite three artists living or dead to share a meal with you who would they be and what would that meal consist of? 4Any artistic media you wish to explore? 5List some of your artistic influences?

So many questions! I’ll answer in bits…
#1: I wanted to do research science and write books when I was a kid! I developed some chronic illnesses in high school and got discouraged about not being able to go away to college, and was making art in my room all the time because I couldn’t get out much. Then paintings started selling, and I thought, “Well, this is really fun, too. I could be an artist!”

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The prolific Shayna Why is bringing her goods to Bookish Beasts this Sunday.  In addition to making comics, Ms. Why paints, draws, makes scary soft dolls (depending on what you’re afraid of), silkscreens on fabric panties and dresses, constructs dollhouses and just self-published an anthology of her artist and writer friends.

Check out her work you’ll be as excited as the CSC staff to see her latest projects.

Bookish Beasts — Sunday, July 13 — noon to 6 pm 1349 Mission Street SF (the one and only Center for Sex and Culture)


autora desconeguda

Hey! That’s one of mine! :D
xoShayna Why
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autora desconeguda

Hey! That’s one of mine! :D

Shayna Why

diorama fever
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diorama fever

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